Sweet Honeysuckle Soap

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Enjoy this Sweet Honeysuckle scented soap. This soap will help replenish some moisture back into your skin with the shea and cocoa butter. Enjoy the benefits of using a clean product free of nasty extra chemicals and detergents that harm the skin and health. Renew, relax and replenish your skin with this creamy lathering soap with medium size bubbles that will leave your skin feeling silky.


* No added preservatives
* Handmade in small batches with more care to detail and quality of each soap
* Coconut Oil- To add more organic cleansing factor to the soap
* Olive oil- To help moisturize and fight bacteria
* Soybean oil- To add vitamin E to your soap
* Skin safe mica coloring

Height: 3.5″
Width: 2.3″
Thick: 1″
Net Weight: 4oz


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