• SUPPORTS YOUR BRAIN HEALTH: Boost your mood and focus
  • SUPPORT HEART HEALTH: Proven supplement for supporting heart health
  • REDUCE INFLAMMATION: Studies have shown that Omega3 supplements may help with joint health
  • EASY TO TAKE: You only need 1 softgel because of its concentrated triglyceride form. Non-fishy taste!
  • DON’T COMPROMISE: Provides a potent 1200mg fish oil and 720mg of DHA and EPA omega3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are considered extremely important because they may provide benefits to many areas of the body, including heart health, joint mobility, cognitive function, skin, eye health, nerve health, brain health, mood, and immune health. It can be greatly beneficial for pregnant and postpartum women to take a high-quality fish oil supplement to recover lost omega-3 stores from pregnancy and to support their baby’s health.

Getting an ultra-pure product should be a priority to make sure you are not consuming environmental contaminants like mercury, which can be found in fish and fish oil products. Advanced molecular distillation processing ensures that all environmental toxins are removed.

Our Omega 3 DHA & EPA contains refined oil from responsibly and sustainably harvested anchovies from Peru.

Sophisticated distillation and purification processes remove compounds and impurities that can contribute to a fishy taste.

To ensure that the product is free from environmental toxins and verify its potency and purity, regular testing for impurities is performed.

Omega 3 Fish Oil – 60 Soft Gels

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