Cooling Foot Soaks with Tea Tree and Peppermint

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Made in the US. with Organic Oils and Mineral Salts that can help your skin be healthy and help soothe achy feet. Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Tea Tree Oil , Peppermint Oil and Lavender Oil known to help relieve stubborn skin issues, Foot Odor, Cracked Heels, Athletes Foot and Soften Hard Calluses. Our foot bath soak dissolves completely by the help of the fizz. 
We us premium ingredients to create a High-Quality detox foot soak that has brought relief to thousands of people who have used our cooling foot soak helps relax sore and tired feet. Get rid of smelly feet. With the special Peppermint, Menthol and Tea Tree blend your feet can feel deodorized and refreshed. With the help of mineral salts and herbal blend our cooling foot soaks Soften Stubborn Calluses, Thick Nails and Dead Cracked Skin found on the heels and bottom of the feet. Use for Pedicures, Foot Spa or as part of your ongoing foot care routine

Vegan, Cruelty Free. Four 2 oz. Cooling Foot Soaks


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