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As a member of America’s Cost Club, you’re standing up for all that makes America great, including our rights, values, freedoms, and American businesses

It’s Time To Take a Stand!

No More Supporting Companies That Hate You

Want to show your support for American companies and the patriotic, hardworking individuals behind them? Look no further than America’s Cost Club!

America’s Cost Club is a marketplace for American-made products, where members have the opportunity to purchase items at cost. That’s right — no markups, no added fees — just pure, unadulterated savings on products made by American manufacturers and small businesses: the true backbone of this beautiful country we live in.

It's not just American Companies That Are Under Attack - It's Free Speech in General.

Your monthly membership dues will not only support American businesses survive in these uncertain times, but half of your monthly subscription is re-invested into our network’s independent information warriors, journalists and content creators, to fund help their mission to bring truth to the people. 

All of our contributors are Red Blooded American Journalists and Content Creators that have been silenced by legacy platforms. 

Click the link below to make a stand and join an exclusive club of patriots — all dedicated to supporting the American dream and solidifying the foundation of freedom this country was built upon.

The Fight for America

You may ask yourself, “Why do our purchasing decisions matter in the fight for America?”

The answer is simple: purchase a product made by Chinese manufacturers or from Amazon and big-box megacorportations, you’re contributing to their growing monopoly and ultimately supporting China’s economy — an economy built on human rights violations and oppression.

On the flip side, every time you purchase a product made by an American manufacturer or small business, you are supporting the very individuals that make up this country. You’re contributing to their livelihoods and ensuring the continuation of their businesses.

Here's Why Joining Is A No-Brainer!

Support for Conservative Charities

We make giving a hand to organizations doing God’s work easy for everyone. 

A portion of every dollar you spend at America’s Cost Club goes to conservative, charitable organizations that we have vetted for their financial stewardship and the worthiness of their causes. 

Ensure American Rights — Like Freedom of Speech — Live On

By supporting American manufacturers and businesses, we are ensuring the continuation of our rights as Americans — including freedom of speech. 

From the moment you join America’s Cost Club, and every time you make a purchase here, you are helping ensure that the First Amendment is protected. A percentage of all income from America’s Cost Club goes straight into the pockets of some of America’s most outspoken influencers who actively promote and defend our fundamental rights, ensuring they live on indefinitely.


Save Money and Save America

As our government moves further and further ahead with a globalist agenda, American businesses and manufacturers are suffering. 

By joining America’s Cost Club, you get the opportunity to purchase American-made products at cost and send a message to those in power: We will not stand for the betrayal of our nation’s values and economic prosperity.

Monthly Giveaways for Active Members

In addition to the opportunity to purchase American-made products at cost, active members of America’s Cost Club will also have the chance to win our monthly giveaways — amazing prizes worth hundreds of dollars, which are delivered for free directly to your door. 

Join Our Mission To Save America

Ready to join the fight and make a real difference for the future of America? Become a member of America’s Cost Club today and support American businesses, charities, and influencers dedicated to promoting patriotism and preserving our nation’s values. 

Fight for what’s right and get all our benefits: 

  • Discounted prices on American-made products.
  • Access to our monthly giveaways.
  • Support for conservative charities and influencers.
  • An actionable way to fight for the continuation and protection of our rights as Americans.

It’s time to take a stand and support America. Click the link below to become a member and start saving now!

Thank you for your support — and welcome to the fight!