America First Initiative

How Your $10 Helps Everyone

1.  It supports American businesses and service providers

Every purchase you make on the Cost Club an American business owner, their employees and their families all benefit. The products and services we promote have been carefully vetted and we do our very best to only sell Made In USA items.

2. It ensures our communication systems are strong

Communication systems are  critical tools in a free society. Spreely (Social, Video and TV) are American made and owned and are insulated from the risks of a big-tech takedowns and censorship.

A portion of your membership fee is used to maintain and enhance secure communication systems.

3. It funds independent journalists and content creators

A Free Press is the fourth estate. Corporate Media is no longer doing their job of keeping the 3 branches of government honest. They have become the public relations arm of the Democrat party and Independent journalists are stepping up to fill that void. But financing their work has become nearly impossible.  

Nearly half of your monthly membership fee goes to support independent journalism.

4. It finances charitable causes

It is not supposed to be the role of government to provide charity to citizens. Doing so makes the electorate beholden to politicians to care for our friends in need. Charitable works are much more effective when managed by the citizenry. So every time you pay your membership fee, a percentage goes to a privately run charity.

A portion of your membership fee every month goes directly to privately managed charities.

The 2022 Project

It is critical that America First candidates replace the RINO’s and the socialists in the Democrat Party

America First Monthly Tool Box

In addition to all of the same benefits a regular member receives, 2022 Project members will receive a monthly tool kit to help elect America Firs candidates and flip both the House and the Senate back to the Conservatives.