The 2022 Initiative

Making America First Again

America Needs You To Help Make Her First Again

The Democrats have whipped up a toxic cocktail of hatred and division in our country. The America First | 2022 Initiative aims to restore civility and reestablish the values that made America Great, by identifying and promoting candidates who will represent those values. President Trump was able to highlight and expose the problems in the swamp. Unfortunately, weak Republicans, a biased media, big tech censors and dirty Democrats were successful in their effort to remove him before he could finish his mission. 

The Left Won By Silencing The Opposition

Voter fraud, misinformation and government overreach stole the 2020 Presidential election and likely cost the Republicans control of the Senate in 2020. Big Tech censors and their partners in the media were able to silence their critics on social media leading up to the 2020 election.

There were facts on Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell showing pedophile activities and candidate Biden peddling his influence for millions of personal dollars from foreign oligarchs and mafia. All CENSORED by big tech and corporate media.

Doctors were unable to share life-saving information about treating Covid19 with Hydroxychloroquine. Bioweapons were being funded by our own government in a lab in Wuhan, China .

There were many other news articles that were SHUT DOWN by corrupt propagandists just so they could defeat President Trump and stop him from finishing what he started.

We are not about to let that happen again. 2022 will be the year that the Democrats’ chokehold on the flow of information ends. We have created an alliance and a structure that is beyond the reach of the jack-booted thugs on the left. 

The Fight Is Not Over, It Is Just Beginning

President Trump got things moving in the right direction again and we need to carry it on. 

We now 

Join The America First Movement

We want to send you a box full of great tools, every single month until the 2022 elections. This box will contain everything you need, including confidential information, research data, t-shirts, hats, signs, stickers, banners, even drinkware, personal care items and snacks! Plus much more. These items are for you so you can attend rallies, town halls, meetings or just show off your pride for our great nation.

Putting America First is not about race, sex or even political party. It is about assuring that the USA’s elected  government officials are doing what is in the best interest of it’s OWN citizens FIRST.

America First does not mean America ONLY either. Of course the people of the world are all God’s children, however, we elect our officials to assure Americans are safe and sound FIRST. The well being of the planet and it’s inhabitants should be the role of private individuals and private charities.

The mission of the 2022 Initiative is to do everything within our power to assure that we identify and elect leaders with this same focus. Americans’ interests BEFORE all other countries. 

The 2022 Initiative Toolbox

Spreely + Cost Club + You


The tech tyrants successfully crushed President Trump’s bid for a second term. By taking away voices supportive of the cause, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube  and Google cut off the ability to inform our fellow citizens about many key topics. We WILL NOT allow this to happen in 2022. The Spreely Hub (Spreely.com, Spreely.video and Spreely.tv) is up and running on their own servers and are now available for patriots to share information and communicate with America First Content Creators, Politicians, Journalists and Pundits without the fear of censorship.

Cost Club

At Cost Club we are proactively working to reverse the trend of corporate globalism and production off-shoring. We aim to return our nation to a self-reliant manufacturing and agribusiness powerhouse. Wherever possible Cost Club sources products from American producers and service providers while still offering consumers the best possible prices.

Buying Chinese products from Amazon is the OPPOSITE of America First. It hurts American businesses and empowers our economic foes. Cost Club’s motto is “Be American, Buy American” and they live by that every day. 


None of this works without YOU! Your membership cost of $20.22 per month (67 cents per day) funds the entire America First machine.  A large portion of your monthly membership fee goes to fund content creators, independent journalists, show hosts AND the social media platforms where they operate.

Some of our team of patriots include Joe Messina, Will Johnson, David Harris Jr, Doug Billings, Joe Dan Gorman and many others. 

In return for your financial  participation in the America First movement, we will send you a mystery shipment every single month, chock full of great stuff.  Apparel, food and drink samples, rally materials, stickers, bracelets, pennants, flags, drinkware and much more. 

But that is not all! You also become a Gold Member in the Cost Club ($10/mo value) AND a Team Member on Spreely ($10/mo value) which gives you special access to Spreely’s Media Partners and their exclusive content.